The Truth about Emotions in the Workplace

Most organizations operate as if emotions don’t exist in the workplace.

They act off the adage, “leave your emotions at the door.” They assume that logic is the only mode of operation. Their employees put on a rational face and talk to other rational faces.

beep boop beep, efficiency, sales report, beep boop

beep boop beep, efficiency, sales report, beep boop

But emotions follow us into the workplace like the arguing characters of Inside Out.

You have days where you sit through meetings zoning out. You feel so defeated by something that you need an afternoon to rebuild your resilience. You’re so worried about your 1on1 that you can barely eat. You are so stressed.

Have you seen the crazy statistics about people’s stress levels in the work place? (click here, I swear it’s not fake news)

I think we need to foster Emotional Workplaces – organizations that provide structure to help people manage difficult emotional issues in and out of work.  Like for Roger, The Emotional Workplace will lead people and organizations to be more productive. Together we can nip the issues in the bud and be there for each other when our isolated attempts at self-care fall short.

Otherwise, our robot talk will never acknowledge the truth about how we feel.