Cry at your desk

Meet Roger.



Roger feels like crap because his daughter just failed her cursive-writing test, his husband had a mental meltdown last week and his boss just said that his sales numbers are “insufficient”.  One might say that Roger is having a Crappy Day™.

But Roger’s face tell a different story. Roger will smile. Roger will go to meetings and through his conveyer belt of activities he has to do. He’ll act like everything is fine. But in reality – he feels like crap and is just clicking refresh on his inbox (we’ve all been here).

I think that Roger should cry at his desk.

I think he should finish his tissue box and then borrow the tissue box of his coworker. I think he should let the tears flow. And I think he should film it and share the video publicly and ask Keleenx Co to sponsor it. Ok, maybe not the last part.


Because Roger is doing himself and his company a disservice by faking his way through a stress filled unproductive day.

I like organizations that let employees cry at their desks.

They recognize that emotions follow us into the workplace. They recognize that we need to sometimes take care of ourselves before we take care of our work. They place a recurring order for tissues.


Because if you care for Roger, your organization should help him through hardship.


Here’s what to do if you meet Roger. (post coming Wednesday)