Widening Your Circle

The work of a soulful life is to widen your circle. 

The circle is the lasso you toss around those in your life. It is the concern for friends,  hopes for yourself, consideration for people in your immediate life. It is the composite of your mental space.

In a state of depression, we are often the only person the lasso reaches. Our fears, angst, and sadness are too overbearing for our energies to reach others.

Upon more solid ground, our lasso reaches our friends and family.

Even stronger, it can reach our colleagues and strangers we pass on the streets. 

... this is the natural reach of our lasso. It is natural because one can live a blessed life of meaning and joy with their lasso thus far. 

But in this state, one has a choice - will you extend your lasso further? Will it reach the homeless on the street, the animals you eat, the people on computers far off in distant towns, kids you do not know, generations yet to be born. Extending the lasso this far is not natural; we did not evolve to toss our reach beyond our immediate tribes or past our lifetimes.

And yet we have a choice - do we extend our lasso? And how will our one precious life change if we do.